Sanitation5 Corporation Ltd develop, build and operate Fertilizer - Briquette - Carbon credit (CO2) plants in developing countries.

  • Increasing temperatures, changing precipitation patterns and more extreme weather are threatening human health, food security and economic development in Africa.
  • Sanitation5 combines faecal sludge management, renewable product production and climate actions.
  • Our solution use existing, well proven technology to ensure the process functionality.
  • Sanitation5 plants are scalable and replicable in different contexts covering the whole Africa.

Concept developed in cooperation with Finnish Committee for UNICEF 

Sanitation5 Ltd participated EU - Uganda Business Forum on 9 - 10.3.2020 in Kampala Uganda.

" This business forum was well organized and gave a good picture of the economic situation in Africa. In addition to this, forum gave a lot of practical information and new contacts to us," says CEO Mr. Jarmo Himma.  

The forum marks an important milestone in the roadmap towards strengthening the Uganda-EU economic alliance. 


Our goal is to provide 20 Million tCO2 emission savings in Africa.

  • Production of wood - based charcoal produces CO2 and destroys forests.
  • One Sanitation5 plant save 5000 tCO2 emission yearly.
  • Every ton of our FS briquettes used instead of woodbased Charcoal saves forests.
  • Our goal is to have over 2000 Sanitation5 plants in opeartion in Africa by the end of year 2041.


A fast - growing population and climate change impacts requires large - scale fertilizer production to ensure better crop productivity in Africa.

  • Agricuuture is the core sector in Africa's economy.
  • Sub - Saharan Africa has pearly 20 % of the world's arable land, but consumed less than 2 % of fertilizer nutrients in 2014.
  • Fertlizer consumption is the key to Africa's food security.
  • Sanitation5 aim to produce new suitable fertilizers to farmers, which most farmers can reach.