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:Help us to build the first S5 fertilizer and briquette plant in Uganda, utilizing faecal sludge as raw material.

  • Our first plant is treating feacal sludge (FS) from 300 schools and over 20 000 local people facilities in Mukono Municipality (Uganda). Our vision is to build over 2000 similar plants in Africa during the coming next 20 years.
  • The plant enables young girls to go to schools without any shame of using poor or filthy sanitation premises
  • The plant will impact positively for decreasing serious diseases like COVID, diaherra, hepatitis etc.
  • The plant will decrease wood briquette usage and safe forests
  • Using more natural fertilizers gives better yields for farmers.
  • FS plants will create new sustainable jobs in Africa.

Our target is to collect 300 000 eur (min 200 000 eur) for the Saniation5 plant and rest of the funding comes from the national funding organizations.

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Price is 100 eur (including VAT 24 %) / 1 shirt

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Payment to Sanitation5 Finland Bank account: Nordea Bank: FI5712373000173689  

We will ship the T-shirts immediately after we see your support in the Bank Account.

The campaign time is up to end of September or until min target 200 000 eur has been reached.

The campaign results will be informed in our webpages. 

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