Sanitation5 Finland Ltd. is Anchor company managing water and sanitation solution Ecosystem and offering safe and self - sustaining solutions to Africa.


We develop, build and operate new water and sanitation to energy plants with our local partners via local subsidiary companies.

Our mission is to offer safely managed and affordable local sanitation services to population in developing countries.

Our vision is to have 30 - 60 new and safe sanitation plants by 2025 in Africa

Chairman of the board: Mr. Timo Rajala 

CEO Mr. Jarmo Himma  

Senior advisor Mr. Pentti Arhippa 

Large network of technology and project experts 

Protagon Consulting Oy

Protagon Consulting Oy targets the African market providing innovative affordable water supply and housing solutions.

Protagon Consulting Oy is a pioneer in arctic industrial, environmental and logistics consulting. The company was founded in 2015 by Mr. Paavo Lipponen and Mr. Tapio Pekkola and is based in Helsinki Finland.

The strengths of Protagon Consulting Oy are business analysis, business organization and management derivation. The company's core competence is also understanding the political and economic environment.

Finnish Board of Industries, the Finnish government and the European Commission have been major customers of Protagon Consulting.

Protagon Water Solutions supplies integrated water supply systems by harvesting fresh water from humidity in the atmosphere.

Protagon Housing Solutions supplies container toilets and offices as well as container homes with integrated water and electricity supply.